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What Can I Find on ScamCatcher?

We're constantly working on improving our high-confidence data accuracy scores.

Reverse Picture Search

Find someone by profile picture across social networks & websites, even if change the pictures to try and hide.

Live 24/7 Monitor & Reporting

Tell us the information your trying to track down and our systems will monitor the web and databases for anything new. We'll email you each week with the new information. They cant hide for long if you use our Live Monitor.

Download & Share PDF Reports

Download all the information you discover into a professional PDF to share with colleagues or post on your website, or just view it in our online version.

Reverse Email & Username Search

Reverse Lookup against hundreds of Social Networks, Dating Sites, Crypto Sites, Blogs and Chat Forums. Find out if they are using them elsewhere on the web.

Find Scammers by their Fake Identity.

Scammers are forced to use either a phone number, email, username, crypto address, profile picture or website, in order to trick you. We collect all this information and make it available to search

Over 1 Million Recorded Scammers.

Our Data is reported by the public and collected via huge data collections online and using state of the art data science. Each day our database grows by thousands. Search this data for Free!

What is ScamCatcher ?

ScamSearch is a free public database of reported scammer details, including their email address, phone number, username, website and crypto address. Most organisations track scams. We track the scammers.

If you have been contacted by scammer, file a report. Police and Online Investigators use this data to track them down and stop them.

Want to gather more intelligence on someone? Sign up and use advanced features. Be your own Scam Investigator.

Top Tips

1) Block unwanted calls and text messages.

2) Never give your personal or financial information in response to a request that you dont expect. Even if they claim to have 'secret' information on you.

3) Dont fall for their high pressure, 'must reply now', demands. Its all a trick.

4) Dont talk to people you dont know in person. They could be anyone.

5) Check our database for their email, username, phone number and Crypto address(and file a report!). You wont be the only target.

6) Be mindful of the information you share on social networks. Scammers can use this information against you.

7) If you're online dating, never, ever, send them money.

~ The Scam Search Team

What Scams do we Monitor?

Everything! If its a reportable scam, and its occured within the last 5 years, its very likely to be on our systems.

There have been 0 reports in the last day, 617 reports in the last week, and 2567 reports in the last month.

We have reports on:

  • Ransomware
  • Blackmailers
  • Text Fraud
  • Catfishers
  • Dating Scams
  • Hackers
  • E-bay Fraud
  • Fake Goods
  • Amazon Fraud
  • Email Spam
  • Phone Scammers
  • Covid Scams

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